Expert Services for Amazon CloudSearch

Search Technologies is the largest IT services company dedicated to search engine implementation and consulting.

Search plays a key role in many business processes. Our expert services enable customers to optimize the use of search systems and drive productivity.



Search Technologies provides a full range of search-centric services for Amazon CloudSearch customers, including:

  • Complete search solutions, from design and program management through implementation, testing, and 24/7 application support
  • Experts-for-hire at competitive daily rates
  • Data connectors for loading enterprise content from a wide range of repositories and data sources into Amazon CloudSearch
  • Content processing tools to prepare data prior to indexing indexing, and to enrich metadata (the key to getting the most from features such as faceted search and results sorting by property)
  • A Java API for Amazon CloudSearch, enabling Java user interface technologies to work directly with Cloudsearch


Our knowledge of search is deep, and we excel at uncovering new opportunities for customers to exploit search engines and create business advantage.

We have a thorough  understanding of Amazon CloudSearch and how it can be used to drive business value. The combination of Amazon CloudSearch and our expert services will enable you to deploy better search systems, and at lower cost.

For further information CONTACT US directly, or through your Amazon AWS representative.