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Powerful, Flexible Content Processing for Unstructured Data


  • Poor quality content and metadata, and a lack of attention to content processing to mitigate it, is a leading cause of user dissatisfaction and underperformance in search applications
  • Diligent preprocessing, to prepare unstructured content for Business Insight and other "Big Data" applications is critical
  • Aspire is an innovative and powerful content processing framework specifically designed for unstructured data
  • Aspire enables both unstructured and structured content from across the enterprise to be securely accessed, cleaned, normalized and enriched to a consistently high standard, enabling search systems to perform optimally
  • The Aspire framework enables a flexible, reliable and maintainable approach for the development of content processing solutions specific to your organization, reducing the total cost of ownership for search systems
  • Aspire is search engine independent to future-proof your enterprise search architecture
  • Aspire enables Big Data technologies such as Hadoop to be used as a foundation for sophisticated search systems
  • Aspire is standards-based, using Java, OSGi, Apache Tika, Zookeeper, Maven, Groovy and other proven technologies

Aspire is in use at more than 30 government and corporate customers, including a growing range of Fortune 500 companies.


  • Aspire Community is a free version of the content processing framework. It provides the Aspire application, administrative UI, a core set of content connectors, a full set of publishers to popular search engines, and an extensive library of base components. It is intended to enable developers to explore the power of Aspire
  • Aspire Enterprise provides additional features such as distributed processing, support for Hadoop, document-level security, plus full-service maintenance and support

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Aspire Enterprise
An industrial-grade content processing system for search and unstructured big data applications

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