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Ricardo Leon
Big data and analytics tools are enabling companies across various industries to achieve better operational and financial results. This revolution has modernised the farming industry in a way we've never seen before. This blog brings an in-depth look into how precision agriculture works to optimise yield and reduce costs for the UK farming industry.
Search Technologies
Search and big data analytics have evolved significantly over the last few years. Throughout 2016, we’ve seen things unfold through multiple projects we worked on. Here are the top 7 search and analytics topics and discussions throughout the year.
Kamran Khan
At the KMWorld 2016 Keynote, Search Technologies' CEO, Kamran Khan, discussed the latest developments in the search and big data market. He also cited customer stories in which search, big data, and analytics were leveraged to achieve higher goals in various business use cases.
Paul Nelson
As we are approaching 2017, we'll look at how search and big data analytics have evolved and examine some prominent trends in the coming years. In this video, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, will highlight the top three developments: real-time personalization, machine learning, and the convergence of search and big data.
Search Technologies
With the Google Search Appliance (GSA) end-of-life approaching, we conducted a survey among hundreds of GSA users to identify the overall migration trends and to provide GSA users a high-level guidance for their transition planning. Take a closer look at the survey results in this blog.
Paul Nelson
We’ve been working on search engines for a very long time and have refined a lot of features which can bring enhanced business value. These tuning techniques are often either overlooked or very challenging to implement. But with proper setups, they can provide significant improvements to search and analytics.
Farrah Artwell
In the wake of Sage (a British-based multinational) data breach, this blog explores the current cybersecurity and insider threat trends in UK organisations. We then discuss how search and big data can be used as a viable approach to threat detection and risk mitigation.
Kristy Martin
In this second part of our "Search for Mobile Apps" blog series, we'll provide a practical guideline on how to implement query tagging and query suggestions - two advanced search functionalities that can significantly improve search experience for your mobile app users.
Kamran Khan
As the Google Search Appliance (GSA) is being phased out, a well thought-out migration plan will ensure the long-term success of your search strategy. Here's a look into two approaches that have worked well for our customers in GSA migrations and a variety of other search engine migrations.
Jurgen Niehaus
Many organizations rely on managed services for search and big data applications to ensure system performance and let IT staff focus on strategic goals. But how does it work for your unique requirements? What are the benefits you can get? Watch our expert address the top 5 managed services questions commonly asked by our customers.