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Enterprise Search and Big Data Case Studies

Success Stories from Our Customers in the US, UK, and Worldwide

Search Technologies provides services to a broad range of customers, who use search and big data for enterprise search, customer support, market intelligence, compliance, and web-facing applications such as publishing and e-commerce.

A selection of brief case studies can be found below.  More in-depth content is available in our White Paper repository.

As the UK’s biggest online motoring community, PistonHeads was looking to enhance its forum search in order to deliver a better online experience for its users. See how Search Technologies helped PistonHeads leverage Elasticsearch to deliver a cost-effective, powerful, and customizable search solution.

To scale more cost-effectively, our customer was looking to move their intranet search and support portal search applications from the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to Solr. We helped implement Single Sign On, document-level security, advanced search features, and a more efficient architecture for content crawls. The GSA migration was successful, providing the company a smooth transition as well as cost savings.

Search Technologies has helped over 800 customers around the globe to make the best use of their search and big data analytics applications. Here is a collection of success stories from our UK commercial and public sector customers who have achieved better results in various use cases.

As SharePoint grew to be our customer’s central information and collaboration portal, they were looking to migrate their enterprise search application from the Google Search Appliance to SharePoint 2013. We helped deliver a comprehensive roadmap and seamless migration, providing end-users an enhanced search experience.

SCIE engaged Search Technologies to assess their search infrastructure and improve the user search experience. After migrating SCIE to the Solr search engine, we implemented a comprehensive range of Web 2.0 search features and best practices, providing an intuitive user experience, higher user satisfaction, and higher brand loyalty for SCIE.

Log analytics is a powerful approach that helps retailers better cater to their online shoppers' needs and, in turn, increase their e-commerce revenue. Read about how a large retailer leveraged open source log analytics for successful e-commerce personalization and saved millions of dollars in data storage/licensing costs.

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a leading company in the cybersecurity industry, enlisted Search Technologies to leverage the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to enhance user experience for its support portal. Check out how, after a successful implementation, users can now securely search multiple content stores and have faster, easier access to resources.

Fraud detection is critical to the insurance industry, which suffers billions in fraud-related losses. Learn how a workers' compensation agency implemented the open source Cloudera big data platform to eliminate laborious auditing, improve scalability, and deliver real-time evidence to prosecute $150+ million in fraud.

This case study, first presented at Lucene Revolution, focuses on the architecture and development of the National Archives’ “Online Public Access” (OPA) initiative, a public search interface for browsing both catalog information and on-line content, which is being completely rebuilt using SolrCloud.

EMC has a growing portfolio of products and a vast sales and partner community. Disseminating and finding relevent product information was throttling sales growth. Learn how Search Technologies helped EMC replace its sales extranet by migrating and processing content to an entirely new platform thereby accelerating the sales cycle.