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Microsoft FAST ESP Services

Going to SharePoint? Solr? Google Search Appliance? Elasticsearch?

With our help, you can take all of your FAST ESP search functionality with you.


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  • Search Technologies is the most experienced FAST ESP services team globally, and a former FAST worldwide partner of the year, way back in 2006.
  • We've delivered more than 30,000 consultant days of services to FAST customers during the last four years alone.
  • We know the current crop of potential replacements intimately.
  • We specialize in migrating sophisticated FAST ESP implementations to other platforms.


Since becoming an early FAST Alliance Partner of the Year in 2006, Search Technologies has designed and implemented dozens of sophisticated FAST ESP systems, including some of the world’s most prominent and advanced search applications. Our FAST customers include the world's largest FAST system (in terms of query throughput) and the United States Government's main system of public record.

Our knowledge of FAST ESP is second to none, and with more than 180 expert search professionals on our team, we have the capacity to tackle the largest search projects.

Through our knowledge of the current leading search products, both commercial and open source, we can help you to make the right migration choices. Options include:

  • Open source alternatives such as Elasticsearch or Solr. For web-facing applications, open source is a popular option.
  • SharePoint 2013 - which has the core search functionality to emulate all of the great things you have achieved with FAST ESP. With our assistance in areas such as data connectors, and recreating FAST index pipeline functionality, you can maintain the enterprise search excellence that your users have become accustomed to.
  • The Google Search Appliance is an excellent choice for a range of applications. We'll help you to re-purpose or recreate your custom FAST code in the GSA environment. With more than 200 GSA customers, we have unrivaled experience.


FAST ESP customers are among the most sophisticated users of search platforms. With our help, you can perpetuate and grow your success with search, whichever direction you are heading.  

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