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Enterprise Search with SharePoint 2013

Sharepoint 2013 is delivered with a strong and capable search engine.

Many organizations now adopting SharePoint 2013 have ambitions to provide search across a wider range of content that cannot, or will not, be migrated into SharePoint.

In this white paper, we discuss using SharePoint for the purpose of Corporate-Wide Search, the key characteristics of which include:

  • The involvement of multiple, heterogeneous content sources held in SharePoint, file shares, content management systems, SAP systems, databases, intranet sites, etc.
  • Content being subject to document-level security restrictions, controlled by multiple authentication systems
  • Content that is typically dispersed (both geographically and topologically) around the organization
  • Content held in SaaS applications: Office 365, Amazon S3 buckets, SalesForce, and other cloud-based repositories
  • Serving a range of use cases, departments, and applications

The goal is to provide a search platform, accessing all content sources securely, and enabling an array of search-based applications to be efficiently built, customized, and maintained, to meet business challenges and opportunities, head-on.

Please let us know the email address we should be sending a PDF copy of the white paper to. A download link will be immediately emailed to you - please check your junk mail if you have a strong email filter.