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The Enterprise Search and Big Data Analytics Experts

Search Technologies is now Search & Content Analytics (SCA), part of Accenture Applied Intelligence.

We live in a data-driven world, but not everyone is making the most of their data. 80% of all data is unstructured – imagine the hidden insights trapped within unstructured enterprise content such as voice, images, emails, etc. 

At Search & Content Analytics, our mission is to help enterprises unlock the full value within their unstructured and structured data. We combine innovative technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing with search and big data analytics to transform the way people work. 

Whether it is improving intranet and website search, monitoring internal communications to detect insider threats, helping recruiters match jobs to resumes, analyzing oil wellhead reports, or exploring molecular data, we bring comprehensive search and analytics services to clients across industries, including e-commerce, media, healthcare, financial services, recruiting, manufacturing, and the government sector. 

What knowledge and insights are trapped in your data? Let us help you find better answers.


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