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The Enterprise Search and Big Data Analytics Experts

On July 31, 2017, Search Technologies joined Accenture. Learn more

Search Technologies, now part of Accenture, is the leading technology services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and management of search and big data analytics solutions. We bring a deep understanding of the nature of structured and unstructured content to extract knowledge and untrap business value using search and big data.

We have delivered transformative business outcomes for over 800 clients – including industry leaders in e-commerce, publishing, media, financial services, professional staffing, manufacturing, as well as the government sector. Our industry-specific expert engineers and unique technical assets help us deliver customized search and big data analytics solutions that are easier to use, more powerful, more reliable, and most importantly, aligned with your business objectives.

Why work with us? It's simple. Especially now that we’re part of the Accenture team, we’re uniquely positioned to help you become an intelligent business – running on the power of search and big data – and realize business results faster than anyone else.

What knowledge and insights are trapped in your own content and data? Let us help you find better answers.


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