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Enterprise Search ROI - A New Study from IDC

A New Google-sponsored Study by IDC Provides Hard Metrics.

IDC recently released a new white paper entitled Why Search Matters: Quantifying the Business Value of Google Search Appliance Solutions. As the amount of data continues to grow, much of it unstructured, knowledge worker productivity and the speed of innovation within organizations is further challenged.

IDC's study looks at a range of Search-based applications, deployed using the Google Search Appliance. More than a dozen companies were interviewed in depth for the study. 

Users cited a range of reasons for choosing the GSA, including:

  • Google's reputation for high-quality web search
  • The efficiency and relevancy offered by the GSA
  • The availability of a wide range of data connectors, both from Google, and from third parties such as Search Technologies
  • The general ease of implementation and maintenance provided by the GSA

The study recognizes that not only is the volume of information growing but so too is the range of repositories and locations in which information resides. It puts a focus on role-specific search applications, designed to address particular knowledge worker needs and circumstances, across activity areas such as customer support, intranets, public-facing websites, and scientific research. Sector coverage is diverse, including financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Substantial ROI metrics were found, covering:

  • Increased user productivity
  • Reduced business operation costs, through mechanisms such as customer self-service (deflecting emails and call center costs)
  • Increased revenues through faster time-to-market, and accelerated customer acquisition
  • Reduced infrastructure costs

Other notable metrics include a 74% reduction in the time to find information.

In summary, the organizations studied in this white paper benefited from a return on investment (ROI) in the Google Search Appliance of more than 400%, and a full payback on the investment was achieved, on average, in less than eight months.

For a copy of the full report by return email, please contact us.

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