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IBM Connections Data Connector for the Google Search Appliance

Search Technologies provides search data connectors for a range of popular repositories, enabling customers to index content in a reliable and structured way. We now support an IBM Connections data connector for the GSA.

This IBM Connections connector is based on the Aspire Connector Framework, and provides:

  • Full document-level security (early binding)
  • Content processing functionality to capture and auto-generate metadata for the search application

IBM Connections repositories can be highly sophisticated, and establishing strong connectivity to efficiently index content for search purposes generally requires configuration and customization. Search Technologies therefore deliver this IBM Connections data connector as part of a services engagement.

Search Technologies is the leading IT services firm focused on enterprise search, search-based applications, and search-centric analytics solutions. With more than 150 Google Search Appliance customers, we have the expertise to help you create advanced search applications using the GSA.

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