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Solr Implementation Expertise for Alfresco


  • Alfresco is being used for increasingly sophisticated applications
  • Search capabilities need to keep up
  • Solr has all of the functionality necessary for providing a great search experience that is fully supportive of business objectives, even with very large content sets
  • Solr is highly flexible, and provides a wide range of options for relevancy and performance tuning

What is usually missing is the expertise to configure Solr to the precise needs of the Alfresco application.

This is where Search Technologies can help.

As the largest IT services company dedicated to search engine implementation, we've helped hundreds of organizations to design, implement, customize and support search systems. Whether these are stand-alone implementations, or embeded in applications such as Alfresco, our Solr expertise will help you to ensure that search is actively contributing to your business success.

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Solr Support Services

Search Technologies provides Solr maintenance and support services using a commercial-grade Services Level Agreement.

Solr for Enterprise Search

Solr Enterprise Search solutions addressing multiple content sets, with full document-level security.

Solr Relevancy Tuning Service

A services engagement for improving the relevancy of search results within Solr implementations, applicable to enterprise search, embedded CMS search, and search-based applications.