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Aspire Content Processing Use Cases

This page summarizes a few Aspire use cases to illustrate the range of applications for which Aspire is used.  For further details about any of these please contact us.

A National Broadcaster
A large and growing variety of content sources are normalized and enriched by Aspire for this customer, supporting an organization-wide search capability based on Solr. As new content sources are added, Aspire provides a framework to ingest and normalize new content, maintaining the accuracy and performance of the search infrastructure. Metadata normalization is a key issue for this customer, as it enables better and easier information sharing.

Business Information Publishers
Aspire helps a number of business publishers to aggregate the best free-to-air content on the Web into a vertical search experience.  Together with the publishers' own proprietary content, this provides a one-stop resource for the target audience, led by a great search function.  Aspire co-ordinates large-scale Web crawling, content filtering and categorization.

A Patent Search Application
Aspire helps a large publisher of patent information to provide the world's leading patent search system.  More than 80 million documents from 95 patent offices are cleaned, enriched and normalized using Aspire. A large amount of additional, contextual metadata is generated by Aspire, and this empowers a range of sophisticaled search functions and graphical display options.

A US Government Legal Portal
This US Government agency uses Aspire to split a small number of enourmous legal references into tens of thousands of sensibly searchable units, optimizing the process of maintaining these legal documents as new legislation is passed. In other words, Aspire prepares the data set so that the search engine can provide a  customized search facility, built to address a very specific business workflow.

A UK Government Department
Search Technologies helps this customer to better understand their own complex data resources, and to repurpose them efficiently to serve the needs of UK citizens. Aspire provides transparency onto data quality and structure to help decision making about new projects, and to "slice and dice" content into new applications.

A Software Company
Used as an OEM technology, Aspire helps this software company to cost-effectively add large-scale automated categorization capabilities to their Records Management products for SharePoint.

A Large Healthcare Company
Aspire provides a search engine independent "information access layer", optimally preparing unstructured content for indexing, and also providing query federation and enhancement.