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Aspire for the Google Search Appliance

Aspire is Search Technologies' content processing system for unstructured data. It is being adopted by a growing number of Google Search Appliance (GSA) customers to address the following situations.

  • Metadata creation to drive Dynamic Navigation
  • Selective indexing
  • Content splitting
  • Joining or agrregating content for search purposes

This important feature of the GSA requires metadata which seldom exists in the source data. Further, Dynamic Navigation is at its most productive where navigators are contextual to the user's need. Appropriate contextual metadata hardly ever exists in the souce data. 

Aspire manages the creation of high quality metadata to drive Dynamic Navigation. In most companies, this requires a range of approaches, from simple parsing of metadata from file system pathnames, to sophisticated categorization techniques. Aspire has dozens of pre-built plug-in components from which solutions can be quickly and easily built.

Sometimes it is not appropriate to just plug-and-play. The search experience can often be enhanced through being selective about which data is indexed, or even which parts of certain document types should be indexed. the result is a sharper, more productive experience customized to the user's situation.

Aspire provides filtering components to enable selective indexing.

It can be extemely helpful to the search experience to split very large files into logical components, prior to indexing. Common scenarios include large technical documents, which are much easier to search if first split into chapters or subsections. 

Aspire can greatly improve "time-to-information" through its ability to split larger documents into sensibly searchable chunks.

Aspire empowers the GSA with the concept of "Virtual Documents"  made from multiple sources. For example, office documents from a file system can be joined to metadata held in a database, producing a virtual document with strong metadata. Similarly, records from multiple business systems can be combined into a virtual record for search purposes.

Aspire's content joining and aggregation capabilities provide users with search capabilities that are simply impossible otherwise.