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Search Application Assessment - Customer Benefits

Using the Search Application Assessment Process to initiate a search project provides a number of important benefits to the customer. 

Better Visibility of the Project Scope

  • Before committing significant resources, the customer is able to see the full scope of the project ahead of time, and accurately gauge the overall cost.
  • Scope creep can be minimized by ensuring that the full project scope is documented and agreed to by all stakeholders.
  • “Hidden problem areas”, which cause so many projects to run late and go over budget, are flushed out in advance.

Better Communications and Project Management

  • The Assessment process ensures that all stakeholders within the customer’s organization have input to the project, which is fully documented. This helps minimize piecemeal stakeholder input into the ongoing project.
  • The Assessment Results document also acts as a communications vehicle between the customer and Search Technologies, ensuring a shared understanding of the project scope and goals.

Focus on Business Objectives

  • Through capturing business requirements and the customer’s “world view” of how the proposed search system will fit into the organization as a whole, the Assessment process helps keep the project focused on driving bottom-line benefits.
  • It highlights and leverages new opportunities.
  • The detailed review of customer requirements and circumstances combined with Search Technologies’ expertise often produces innovative ideas for further exploiting search engines.

Expertise on Your Team

  • Our experience of search implementation is deep. We know where all the hidden problems lie, where miscommunications often happen, what is difficult (even though it looks easy), what has been hyped by vendors, and what is realistically achievable.
  • This expertise can be used to provide an end-to-end plan for your search project.

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