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Connectors for Azure Search

Enabling Efficient Content Acquisition, Processing, and Indexing

Azure Search leverages Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure to deliver a set of robust search-as-a-service and big data analytics solution toolkits. 

A Microsoft Gold Partner, we have helped clients build cloud-based search and big data applications hosted on Azure as well as deploy sophisticated Azure Search applications.

In addition to our expert Azure Search consulting and implementation services, we provide a range of secure, highly-efficient connectors to help organizations simplify and accelerate acquisition and indexing of content from disparate sources into Azure Search. Since our connectors were designed with unstructured and semi-structured data in mind, they have brought tremendous value to many clients that have growing data volumes and repositories. 


With our extensive experience implementing and supporting Microsoft search technologies (FAST ESP, SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure), we ensure that our data connectors are secure and fully compatible with Azure Search applications and can be further configured for unique needs.

Below is a sample list of our connectors.

  • File Systems
  • SharePoint
  • ServiceNow
  • Azure AD Group Expansion
  • Lotus Notes
  • Documentum
  • OneDrive
  • See the full list of connectors here


Our team of experts can provide comprehensive system evaluation, implementation, and managed services to ensure proper connector configurations for Azure Search’s optimal performance.

Contact us for connector specifications and pricing.