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Consulting for Hadoop and Search Applications

We Help You Implement Enterprise Applications Based on Search and Big Data Technologies.

Unstructured content is fundamentally different from structured data and must be prepared appropriately for use in big data analysis applications. Search Technologies has unrivaled experience with unstructured content processing. The technologies and processes involved are common to enterprise search and business insight applications. 

The keys to creating insight from unstructured content are: derived metadata provenance, process transparency, an agile environment, and complexity control.


Unstructured content requires careful preparation and the addition of new structure in the form of metadata. The approach taken to the creation of metadata will directly affect any analyses conducted, so carelessness leads to potentially misleading insights.

Structured and Unstructured Data are Fundamentally Different

Almost all structured data is produced in an automated way by computer programs, or where humans are involved, through the application of a consistent workflow with built-in error checking.

Unstructured content is produced by humans; sometimes diligent, lazy, motivated, bored, conscientious, careless, always unique humans. Their collective output is highly variable.


Search Technologies has extensive experience in unstructured content processing, and we are actively engaged in a range of Hadoop-based projects. In addition to expertise, we also provide technologies, such as our Aspire content processing toolkit, which has been implemented with Hadoop. This provides an agile and flexible platform for ingesting and preparing unstructured content.

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