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A Big Data Platform for Modern Recruitment

Put the Right People in the Right Positions. Faster. Easier.

In the recruiting and staffing industry, fast and accurate candidate matching is an enormous competitive edge. In many cases, you are in a race to present the right candidate before your competitor identifies the same person in their candidate database. Given the large amounts of candidates that most recruiters deal with, it is easy to lose track of your best matches. 


There are many “intelligent” candidate search and match solutions for the recruiting industry, delivered either as stand-alone products or embedded in Applicant Tracking Systems. These can provide convenience, but are limited to basic resume parsing and matching the corresponding metadata to a job posting. Thus, most of these embedded search systems failed to significantly improve fill rates or provide a simpler, better search experience for recruiters.

This is where powerful big data recruitment applications can enable recruiters to know more and hire better! Our approach combines advanced search techniques and the processing power of big data analytics to provide sophisticated statistical and linguistic capabilities for understanding your applicants' profiles and identifying the best candidates. This accurate, automated big data platform brings a highly interactive search environment to recruiters and has been adopted by some of the world’s largest staffing and recruiting firms.

Find out how we helped Adecco Group significantly improve recruiter efficiency.


Our custom-built, scalable big data recruitment solution features:

Candidate search and job match analytics

  • Smart, intuitive central dashboard: retrieves content from multiple content repositories 
  • Intelligent "scoring": sophisticated algorithms match across various criteria and compile a "fit" rating from 1-100 based on candidates' resume content, topics, geography, industry, and any custom criteria
  • Predictive analytics: use previously successful candidate placement history to find additional candidates in anticipating of job postings by your client – giving you a head start against your competition
  • Cost savings: candidate matches found within your database rather than via job advertisements
  • Machine learning: leverages feedback from recruiters to improve results over time
  • Language recognition: automated search and match in 29+ languages
  • Immediate results: when executing keyword Boolean searches over a large numbers of CVs/resumes


  • 6% increase in fill rate 
  • 20% increase in recruiter productivity
  • 30% reduction in time-to-fill
  • 20% reduction in advertising spend on external job boards
  • Easy to learn - proven adoption cycle in days, not months
  • Scales to millions of jobs and candidates
  • Lower total cost of ownership


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