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Blogs by Search Technologies Chief Architect Paul Nelson, Subject Matter Experts, and Guests

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Graham Gillen
At Search Technologies, application assessments are the cornerstone of our approach to helping customers map out their roadmaps to successful search and big data projects. This blog provides an overview of our assessment process and why it is valuable to our customers.
Paul Nelson
Quality analysis is critical in maintaining a data mining application's high performance. In this last part of our "Cruising the Data Ocean" blog series, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, will discuss various quality analysis techniques and what you should consider when performing quality checks.
Paul Nelson
In part 5 of our "Cruising the Data Ocean" blog series, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, provides an overview of some powerful search, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) applications you can build using the Internet data you have acquired and processed.
Paul Nelson
In part 4 of our "Cruising the Data Ocean" blog series, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, provides a deep-dive into Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools and techniques that can be used to extract insights from unstructured or semi-structured content written in natural languages. Paul will introduce six essential steps (with specific examples) for a successful NLP project.
Paul Nelson
Data preparation is a critical step in your data mining project. In this third blog of our "Cruising the Data Ocean" series, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, provides an overview of the data cleansing and formatting techniques you can use to get the highest-quality data for further processing and analysis.
Paul Nelson
In this second blog of our "Cruising the Data Ocean" series, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, discusses popular techniques for acquiring Internet content to be used in data mining projects. He also provides general guidelines to help you decide whether one or a combination of techniques would be the best approach for your specific requirements.
Paul Nelson
Mining and making use of data from the Internet can bring powerful insights that help businesses achieve more success. In this "Cruising the Data Ocean" blog series, our Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, will provide a deep-dive into the various use cases as well as essential tools and techniques for extracting and processing Internet data to support business analytics.
Search Technologies
Gartner recently released its Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines, effectively replacing the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search. This blog provides additional insights into the emergence of natural language processing and intelligent search and analytics - a growing trend we've seen in the market and in many customers' projects.
Konrad Holl
Search Technologies' Senior Engineer takes a look at different query assistance strategies and provides insights on the current challenges as well as future improvements. He also highlights the impact that machine learning, user feedback, and personalization have had on modern search applications.
Paul Nelson
At the 2017 Elastic{ON} presentation, our Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, demonstrated our new open source Kibana plug-in. This plug-in enables log browsing across multiple machines in a single view as well as enhances performance and security. Watch his presentation to learn more and see it in action.