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Below is our collection of blog posts by our Innovation Lead Paul Nelson, subject matter experts, and guests.

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Carlos Maroto
It’s tempting to think that search engine selection is a technical task: Which engine is better than the rest? Yet, you’d likely find that the differences across search engines tend to be minimal when purely considering search engine functionality. In this blog, we'll discuss the process and key criteria for selecting an enterprise search engine.
Phil Lewis
In this blog, we explain how AI technologies like Natural Language Processing and Knowledge Graphs, which have enhanced Internet search, can now be applied within organizations to revolutionize what enterprise search can achieve. Read more.
Carlos Maroto
Evaluating and implementing a search engine is hard, and it has become harder lately with the revolution fueled by cloud, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. In this blog, our search expert outlines the key steps to define a smarter enterprise search strategy in the age of AI.
Paul Nelson
Combining search and AI is helping enterprises demystify unstructured data. As we're looking ahead into 2020, we expect these technologies to evolve and be leveraged more broadly within the enterprise. Read about the top 5 trends in the search and unstructured data analytics space.
Kamran Khan
At KMWorld 2019 - the leading Knowledge Management conference - Kamran Khan discussed the “3 pillars of AI” and their practical impact on enterprise insight discovery. Watch the recorded session to learn more about these pillars and some exciting AI-powered search and analytics use cases. 
Steve Denny
A long-time Microsoft partner, we’ve supported the implementation of their evolving search solutions. Earlier this year, we were very excited when Microsoft announced the release of Microsoft search. Now, we can leverage Accenture's Aspire publisher for Microsoft search to help clients enhance content enrichment and access to 40+ content repositories.
Steve Denny
Aspire is our content ingestion and processing technology specifically designed for unstructured data - text, images, videos, audio. In this blog, our Aspire engineer introduces the latest innovations and updates available in our Aspire Content Processing 4.0 release.
mark stanger
As 80% of all enterprise data is unstructured, Intelligent Document Analysis can deliver tangible benefits across industries and business functions, such as improve compliance and risk management, increase internal operational efficiencies, and enhance business processes.
Carlos Maroto
In this blog, our search architect discusses how to implement a high-performing chemical search application, including reference architecture, search approaches, and other business and technical considerations.
Carlos Maroto
Chemical scientists increasingly look to leverage chemical search to find molecules or compounds similar to other molecules or compounds they are working with. And they need to find more, in less time. In this blog, our search architect discusses the business benefits and data preparation best practices for implementing a chemical search application.