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Acquiring, Processing, and Enriching Content for Azure Search

Integrating Accenture’s and Microsoft’s Technologies to Enhance Search and Analytics

As businesses increasingly rely on search and analytics to gain insight into their diverse and ever-growing data, traditional keyword search is no longer enough. Fortunately, the combination of search and technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning - collectively known as cognitive search - is rapidly transforming insight discovery. And as cloud deployments gain popularity, we’ve seen a growing trend in integrating these intelligent technologies into cloud-based search-as-a-service platforms. Microsoft’s Azure Search has emerged as a major cloud search player, offering a wide range of intelligent cloud services to provide a faster, more scalable way to enhance the search and analytics experience. But for any platform, cloud or on-premises, getting the most value out of search and analytics starts with good data preparation.

Watch Liam Cavanagh, Azure Search Principal Program Manager, discuss how combining Accenture’s Aspire Content Processing with Azure Cognitive Services helps accelerate unstructured content acquisition, processing, and enrichment for an enhanced Azure Search experience.

For an in-depth discussion on how the Aspire-Azure Search integration was done, read our blog or contact us.