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The Big Data Analytics Revolution in Agriculture

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead

Big data and analytics tools are enabling companies across multiple industries to achieve better operational and financial results.


Just like how it has improved business operations in many industries, the big data revolution has made its way into the farming industry and modernized it at a pace we've never seen before. Farmers and other stakeholders have started seeing benefits such as reduction in fertilizer, cost savings, yield optimization, and more. 

Watch this video to see how big data analytics has revolutionized agriculture.

Architecture Overview

Now that you've seen a high-level overview of how the farming industry can leverage big data analytics, read our engineer's blog to see how we built this Precision Agriculture platform using the Elastic Stack and other complementary technologies.

Case Study

Hear from our customer, Proagrica, a RELX company, about how we helped build a precision agriculture platform to boost crop yield and profits.