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Do I Need Managed Services for My Search and Big Data Applications?

Our Global Managed Services Manager Answered the Top 5 Questions Asked by Customers

As users' expectations grow, it's critical to ensure your search and big data applications are well-supported and optimized for complex queries and analytics. But as you may have experienced with advanced search and big data technologies, finding qualified people whom you can trust to take care of your system is not always easy.

This challenge can be alleviated by managed services - having a team of experts to manage the day-to-day system operations, so your IT staff can worry less about system maintenance and focus more on strategic goals.

"But what exactly do managed services cover?" and "how do I know if managed services would work for me?" - if you have these questions in mind, you are like the majority of our customers when they considered this option.

Watch this short interview for answers. Our Global Managed Services and Support Manager, Jurgen Niehaus, will address the top five questions our managed services team is commonly asked.



Have more questions about how managed services would work for your search and big data system's requirements? Contact us.


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