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Optimizing E-commerce and M-commerce Search in Time for the Holidays

Better Conversion? You May Just Need A Few Basic Tweaks to Your Site Search.

Susanne Ross
Susanne Ross
Marketing Specialist

Are You Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season?

Holiday shopping is right around the corner and easier than ever with mobile shopping, tablet shopping, and desktop shopping. Last year, $53.3 billion was spent online during the holiday shopping season, rising 15% from the previous year, according to comScore. And Criteo, a digital performance marketing company, states that 34% of e-commerce transactions globally are mobile commerce. 


The Race to the Top 

e-commerce searchGiven these statistics, it’s critical for retailers to re-examine online and mobile search strategies. Doing so will improve conversion rates which will ultimately lead to increased revenue. Plus, it’s all about doing it better than your competitors because shoppers will go where they know their searches will quickly yield the right results. And it’s no surprise, as we’ve heard this before: Inc. ranks #1 for search according to Baymard Institute.

But what are they doing to lead the charge? Simply put, they are personalizing the consumer experience. When someone searches for a product, they are outputting dynamic, personalized, and relevant results. Consumers like this so they shop there time and time again. It always makes for a better e-commerce search experience when you don’t have to manually tweak search results and when you aren’t served with irrelevant results, improper synonym recognition, or bad query completion suggestions. 


... So How's Your E-commerce Search Performing?

Amazon may continue to dominate in this area, but that should not hinder you from continuously improving your search capabilities. And it sounds like it isn’t  ̶  in 2014, Forrester estimated that $1.2 billion was spent on e-commerce technology in the U.S., and according to an exclusive survey conducted in June, 86.2% of e-retailers plan to increase their e-commerce technology spending in the year ahead. But even though some companies plan to spend on e-commerce technology, not every company has the resources or expertise to implement it. In fact, 60% of retailers face challenges updating e-commerce technology because of the lack of expertise. My colleagues learned this fact when they attended the eTail East 2015 tradeshow back in August. 

However, if you fall into this category, it shouldn’t be a roadblock because there are companies that can help with the implementation piece of the puzzle. Here at Search Technologies, we’re a search and big data consulting company. We help our e-commerce customers improve the user experience and the top line by optimizing e-commerce site search and personalization with big data analytics and machine learning. 


Re-Examining Your Strategy for a Better E-commerce & M-commerce Search Experience

We can help your customers find what they are looking for by crafting e-commerce search results, both on desktops and mobile devices, through:

  • Replatforming - We can help migrate legacy search applications to next-generation platforms. Common examples of this service are migrating customers from FAST to Endeca, Solr, or Elasticsearch. Our expertise includes all the major search engines, proprietary as well as open source.
  • Search Quality Analysis - Search engines need manual tuning such as appending synonym libraries, auto-suggest libraries, taxonomies (categories) and tweaks to how the results are presented (UI). 
  • Catalog Content Optimization - Product catalogs often have little metadata or are not properly indexed by the search engine. Automated content processing normalizes, extracts or enriches metadata and then publishes these tags directly to a search engine ensuring results are relevant.

As you head into this year’s holiday shopping season, pay attention to these quick fixes - you can see increases in your e-commerce revenue by enhancing some basic search features (that are sometimes overlooked).

Optimizing e-commerce search features

Then we can look at a more long-term approach. We’re here to be your trusted support advisors if you’re short on resources or lack expertise in e-commerce site search and big data personalization. 

Want to learn more? Check out our 'Big Data for Better E-commerce Search and Conversion Rates’ video

Wishing you a happy and successful shopping season! 

-- Susanne