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Five Things to Like about Elasticsearch

2014 saw the rise of Elasticsearch. But what do seasoned search implementation professionals think about it?

As a company dedicated to search engine implementation and consulting, we keep a close eye on what's happening in the search & analytics space.

Elasticsearch became much more prominent in 2014 amongst search aficionados, and folks at Search Technologies are excited about the increasing number of projects we are seeing with this technology. Not only is Elasticsearch popular, in terms of download numbers, it is proving reliable, stable and flexible too.



Why the enthusiasm? We asked a number of search experts with, between them, more than 100 years of search engine implementation experience, to list the things that they most like about Elasticsearch. Here are the top five themes that emerged:

  1. Development Efficiency: Elasticsearch is designed with the implementer in mind. Engineers who work with search engines continually, appreciate having the day-to-day basics covered so that effort can be focused on added-value work.
  2. Powerful Applications: The query possibilities seem less limited than with many search engines. The Elasticsearch Query DSL is very expressive, and gives a lot of flexibility to construct complex queries. This in turn enables powerful applications to be built that ask sophisticated questions of the data set.
  3. Rapid Development: The pace of development - adding new features and functions - is impressive. Although new features don't necessarily help with current implementation projects, this is encouraging and reassuring for the future.
  4. Commercial Supportbut still true Open Source: Customers like to save money on license fees, but they also need commercial-grade software support. From an implementation perspective, it is tremendously useful to have access to the source code from time-to-time. With Elasticsearch, implementation projects can deliver the best of all worlds (Search Technologies resells Elasticsearch maintenance and support services).
  5. Scalability: Elasticsearch very is scalable, and more importantly, easily and reliably scalable. This helps to simplify architectures, saves time during implementation projects, and it builds confidence for the future.



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