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Document-Level Security for Enterprise Search

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Search Engine Security

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead

In this series of free-to-air blogs, Paul Nelson, Chief Architect at Search Technologies, details a no-compromises approach to implementing document-level security in search systems. 

No compromises means:

  • Fully and accurately reflecting all underlying security restraints
  • But without compromising search functionality or performance

In addition to discussing the challenges and potential complexities of implementing document-level security, Paul also defines a reference architecture for search engine security, and suggests a number of standards that should be adopted by search engine and content repository vendors.

This resource is presented as a series of articles:

  1. Search Engine Security Goals
  2. Early-binding vs. Late-binding
  3. A Reference Architecture
  4. Indexing Document ACLs
  5. Query-time Group Expansion
  6. Industry Standards for Search Security

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