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Gartner, Big Data, and Enterprise Search

Respected Gartner Analyst discusses how Enterprise Search techniques and Big Data are coming together

You cannot have failed to notice the growing interest in Big Data, accompanied by numerous acquisitions of respected enterprise search companies. Think HP Autonomy, IBM Vivisimo, Dassault Exalead, and Oracle Endeca, to name but four. 

As the leading implementation services company in the sector, we are seeing growing interest amongst customers too. A synergy between search and Big Data has been emerging for a couple of years now. 

Here are some of our thoughts:

  • Unstructured content processing requires a different mindset and approach. Techniques that have worked well for years with structured, machine-generated data, simply fail to cope with the vagaries of human-generated, unstructured content
  • At Search Technologies, we have long evangelized the importance of content processing, prior to indexing (read our blogs from the past few years), as a foundation for great search systems. Content processing skills, software tools, and methodologies are equally important for getting value from Big Data. It is necessary to add structure to unstructured content before most forms of analysis can take place, and it matters a lot how you go about adding that structure
  • With corporate-wide search systems, which have been our primary activity for the past nine years, giving folks the tools, flexibility, and agility to keep-up with the constantly evolving content landscape, is important. Agility is essential for Big Data analysis. Combine human intuition, knowledge, and insight, with the ability to quickly and easily pose serious questions to your content, and innovation will be the result
  • Our focus on agility has led to the development of technology-independent tools such as Aspire and QPL, which directly support the building of agile systems, and are equally applicable to both search and Big Data projects
  • And of course, agility is a major advantage that search engines have over relational databases


It is great to see a respected Gartner Analyst discuss and detail the benefits that the enterprise search world can bring to Big Data. 

Read the free-to-air article at: Enterprise Search Can Bring Big Data Within Reach.

Gartner provides excellent advice, insight, and strategic direction. This article by Darin Stewart, is fully fleshed out in a research paper (linked to from the above article, although you’ll need to be a Gartner subscriber to access it). 

These are important research notes. We agree with both the detail, and the general direction. 

Our technology-independent consulting services help organizations to get started down the Big Data road.

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