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Search Technologies’ Journey to Continue as Part of Accenture Analytics

Kamran Khan
Kamran Khan
Managing Director

Twelve years ago, at the height of the enterprise search market, we formed Search Technologies based on a simple premise – that companies desperately needed help to extract value from the millions they invested in search engine software. “Plug it in and it works just like Google” was simply not the case.

After a decade, Search Technologies grew to about 200 professionals and established itself as truly the “global expert in search.” During this time we helped over 800 global customers design, build and manage search applications using technologies like Microsoft SharePoint, Google Search Appliance, Oracle Endeca, HP Autonomy IDOL, IBM Watson Explorer and Rosette Text Analytics by Basis Technology. With the emergence of open source, we saw a huge demand for projects using Apache Solr or Elasticsearch.  

We have always been fiercely proud to have remained independent and profitable in the process. But the market and technologies have evolved. And now, so are we.

In a previous blog I described meeting Doug Cutting, the creator of Lucene and Hadoop. During a dinner conversation, he remarked, “You know, people today think that search and big data are separate technologies for different purposes, but in two or three years, everyone will wonder why we ever thought that.” 

For the past three years we have championed the emergence of search and analytics applications that present users not just with the traditional search bar and list of results, but that involve some amazing new use cases including fraud detection, automatic resume to job matching, genomic analysis for medical research, insider threat detection, e-mail and communications compliance and precision agriculture.

We expanded our expertise into natural language processing, machine learning, and big data technologies like Hadoop, Kafka and Spark. We partnered with new emerging smart search solutions (or insight engines) like Sinequa and Coveo. All are very exciting areas of growth for our company.

As it turns out there was another organization on a similar journey, albeit on a much larger scale.  

When I was introduced to Narendra Mulani, Chief Analytics Officer of Accenture Analytics, part of Accenture Digital, he impressed me with his group’s vision to help companies transform the way they do business by embedding analytics into the fabric of their operations and decision processes. As our conversations continued, it was obvious that there was a fit between our organizations not only in vision, talent and culture, but also in commitment to excellence and to serving the customer. That is why it was easy for us to accept the invitation to join Accenture and help form a new group focused on content analytics.

We do not take this decision lightly. We have turned down many suitors in the past. However, when we saw the fit, this seemed like the next logical step for Search Technologies and a win-win scenario.

Accenture will gain some of the best talent in the world in the areas of search and analytics applications for structured and semi-structured data. Search Technologies will benefit from the tremendous resources, channel reach, and brand recognition that Accenture provides – and our employees will have tremendous opportunities for career growth and development.  

So I and the entire team at Search Technologies look forward to continuing our journey at Accenture Analytics, and we remain committed to delivering service excellence to our customers.

- Kamran