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Browse All Logs in One Place with an Open Source Kibana Plug-In

Presentation by Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, at the 2017 Elastic{ON}

Paul Nelson
Paul Nelson
Innovation Lead

You've got all of your log data stored in Elasticsearch, and you can visualize that data in Kibana. Great! But how do you browse, scroll, and sift through the raw log files? Being able to do so effectively can help your IT teams and developers quickly identify errors, conduct root cause analysis, and do troubleshooting. 

At the 2017 Elastic{ON} presentation, our Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, demonstrated the new open source Kibana plug-in we built for one of the US largest online retailers. This plug-in enables log browsing across multiple machines in a single view as well as enhances overall performance and security.  

Watch Paul's presentation below to learn more and see it in action. You can also download and test out this open source Kibana plug-in on Search Technologies' GitHub page