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Application Assessments: Mapping Your Way to Project Success

A Fail-Proof Methodology for Developing Search and Big Data Applications

Graham Gillen
Graham Gillen
Marketing Senior Manager

application-assessment.jpgA common question prospective customers ask us at Search Technologies is “How do we engage with your company?” and our answer is, invariably, “Start with an assessment.” 

Oftentimes, companies know that they have a need for better search but don’t quite know what they require or how to get started. This is why application assessments are the cornerstone of our approach to helping companies map out where they are with their search and big data projects, where they want to get to, and the architectural roadmap for getting there.

Many prospects are surprised to learn that assessments are not free – they typically cost an average of $25,000. That is because our assessments deliver tremendous value through helping customers define their project blueprints and minimize risks. With experience delivering over a thousand assessments over the last decade, our process has been greatly refined. Our detailed assessment reports provide customers with strategic and technical information that they can act on confidently. As a result, our customers get a lot out of the assessments whether or not they hire us to continue the follow-on development of a solution.

A recent customer example is StepStone – a leading online job board in Europe. We worked with StepStone’s team to conduct an assessment for their mission-critical search and match platform. Since the platform is at the core of StepStone’s business, we were thrilled that they entrusted us to do the audit to confirm that they are following best practices to stay at the recruiting industry’s forefront. 

It’s worth noting that StepStone is an exception. In most cases, after the assessments, customers continue to hire us to implement parts or all of the follow-on development, often because they simply don’t have the depth of expertise in search, big data analytics, or related technologies.

But regardless of the size of the engagement, Search Technologies is committed to delivering what’s best for our customers. Whether it is an assessment, an end-to-end implementation and support contract, or individual SOWs for specific follow-on tasks, you can rely on us to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re looking to mitigate existing issues, build a new application, or discover new ways to make use of your data, I invite you to learn more about our application assessment methodology and how we apply it to ensure the success of many search and big data projects.  

- Graham