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SharePoint and Office 365 Hybrid Search Solutions

Search Technologies is the leading IT services company focused on enterprise search, and a six-year Microsoft GOLD Partner. We help customers to excel with enterprise search, regardless of the challenges and complexities presented by the content environment.

Many organizations are adopting a hybrid approach to content management, using both:

  • SharePoint Server behind the firewall, and
  • Office 365 (SharePoint Online) in the cloud

There are good reasons for this; cloud-based solutions offer convenience and cost savings. However, some content is too sensitive to put into the cloud, and for a range of other reasons too, organizations are adopting Office 365 but at the same time, maintaining on-premise content management systems such as SharePoint Server, Documentum, Lotus Notes and IBM Connections.

This poses challenges to search. Yet, wherever content is stored and administered, a great search capability is the foundation of business productivity.


Every organization has a unique combination of content sets and business applications that require support from search. Further, even companies within the same industrial sectors may take different view about how much of their content to put in the cloud. Other complicationg factors include:

  • Content sets that need to remain in other repositories (rather than be migrated to SharePoint)
  • On-premise content sets that are geographically or topologically distributed around the organization

Add to this the need for document-level security to be maintained, and each organizations data landscape is unique.

Hybrid solutions are more complex than 100% on-premise or cloud-based solutions, particularly when it comes to search.


Creating and maintaining a great search experience is fundamental to productivity. It makes a differenc to employee and customer satisfaction when documents can be found and questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. Search oils the wheels of many business processes.

Because every organization has its own circumstances, the solution lies in a combination of technology, expertise, and proven processes.


We can help you find the ideal solution for search in the hybrid Sharepoint environment

  • Since 2005, we have helped more than 600 organizations to deploy search solutions, based on their specific circumstances
  • Back in 2006, we were the FAST Worldwide Partner of the Year (FAST was bought in 2008 by Microsoft, and it forms the nucleus of SharePoint search functionality today), and we've provided search-related services to more than 150 Microsoft customers since
  • We've been a GOLD-certified Microsoft Partner for the past six years, with specific competency in search and related issues


Search technologies is easy to engage with. We are flexible, and our prices are competitive. Simply contact us for an informal discussion of your situation and needs. We'd welcome the chance to impress you with our knowledge and experience.


We are the world's leading IT services company dedicated to enterprise search, and search-based applications. 


White paper: Enterprise search with SharePoint 2013

Many organizations now adopting SharePoint 2013 have ambitions to provide search across a wider range of content that cannot, or will not, be migrated into SharePoint. This white paper explores best practices for indexing content from across the organization into SharePoint.