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Compliance / Fraud Detection

Paul Nelson
Today's businesses hold large volumes of valuable data that provides immense insights to support business decisions, customer services, and operational efficiency. It can be daunting to manage this amount of data. And with the EU's GDPR being rolled out soon, businesses may face even more challenges to stay compliant. Here are 10 things you may be missing but probably should consider doing, and why.
Farrah Artwell
In the wake of Sage (a British-based multinational) data breach, this blog explores the current cybersecurity and insider threat trends in UK organisations. We then discuss how search and big data can be used as a viable approach to threat detection and risk mitigation.
John Back
With fast-growing data volumes, sources, and types, detecting insider threats and non-compliant activities have become increasingly difficult for organizations. Watch this video to see how search and analytics can be used to effectively classify, monitor, and detect insider threats, ensuring security and regulatory compliance.
Matt Willsmore
Growing laws and compliance regulations can create a challenge to balance between high costs and a solid financial compliance strategy. In this video-blog, our architect discusses how our customer, a large financial institution, used search as a cost-effective approach to data archiving, analytics, and compliance reporting.
Paul Nelson
How did our insurance agency customer leverage big data and search to detect $100+ million in fraud, in a fraction of the time the legacy process used to take? Watch the success story, a part of our "In the Trenches with Big Data & Search" series, to find out.