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As online users have become so accustomed to Google search, your shoppers will expect similar e-commerce site search quality. In this blog, our e-commerce expert will discuss some practical techniques on how to maintain and tune Oracle Endeca, a common e-commerce site search platform, for better engagement and conversion rates.
Kristy Martin
With the rise mobile, providing a good search experience within your mobile app is key to attracting and retaining app users, and ultimately increasing revenue. Here are some practical tips you can use to improve app search for mobile users.
Paul Nelson
You've heard a lot about e-commerce personalization for a better online shopping experience, higher Net Promoter Scores and greater bottom line. But how can big data make advanced, real-time personalization possible? Watch the case story, a part of our "In the Trenches with Big Data & Search" series, to find out.
Iain Fletcher
Whether you’re a small e-commerce start-up or an established name in the market, consistently enhancing your site search usability will lead to a better user experience and higher conversion. So how is your e-commerce search doing? Check out the five stages of e-commerce search maturity, which can serve as a guideline for your short- and long-term enhancements.
Susanne Ross
As you head into this year’s holiday shopping season, pay attention to these quick fixes - you can see improvements in your e-commerce conversion and revenue by enhancing some basic search features, such as query suggestions, price ranges, results sorting, etc.
Paul Nelson
Tired of manually tweaking search results for your e-commerce site? How are you going to address long tail searches and abandoned queries? We are using big data in a revolutionary way to optimize search relevancy and deliver a better user experience.
Phil Lewis
Is your e-commerce site search producing relevant, personalised results? Are you getting the conversion rates you want? Having an actionable roadmap that lays out the strengths and weaknesses of your e-commerce search functionalities can help enhance your website's usability, navigation, personalisation, and conversion.