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mark stanger
Search algorithm optimisation is a complementary tool for search engine scoring, both of which play a key part in the process of enhancing your search engine's performance. See how we optimised the search algorithm to improve the search relevance for Elsevier's DataSearch application.
Derek Rodriguez
Since Search Technologies started to support the Cataloger’s Desktop in 2009, we’ve been helping the Library of Congress implement cutting-edge enhancements to improve its users' experience. We've recently added new features, including log analytics, query and title suggestions, metadata enhancement, and saved search alerts. Read more about these projects and their outcomes.
Kristy Martin
With the rise mobile, providing a good search experience within your mobile app is key to attracting and retaining app users, and ultimately increasing revenue. Here are some practical tips you can use to improve app search for mobile users.
Paul Nelson
How can our online publishing customers use a big data framework to improve search, personalize content, and continuously test search engine performance to optimize subscription revenue? Watch their success story, a part of our "In the Trenches with Big Data & Search" series.
Paul Nelson
Recommendation engines play a critical role in customer engagement and retention for online media and entertainment industry. How did we use big data to efficiently process 5.4 billion clicks daily to personalize videos for users? Watch the case story, a part of our "In the Trenches with Big Data & Search" series, to find out.
Jay Silverman
Organizations that successfully leveraged the data lake can significantly improve discovery, analytics, and business intelligence. This blog discusses how to combine big data and search to build an analytics-driven, proactive enterprise data lake architecture and highlights real-life data lake examples from the biotech/healthcare industry.