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john thompson
For existing SharePoint search users, moving content to the cloud can be a cost-effective option. But what about your on-premises content? How do you choose the appropriate deployment path? In this blog, we provide an overview of two available SharePoint hybrid search options - Hybrid Federated Search and Cloud Hybrid Search.
Jay Silverman
Organizations that successfully leveraged the data lake can significantly improve discovery, analytics, and business intelligence. This blog discusses how to combine big data and search to build an analytics-driven, proactive enterprise data lake architecture and highlights real-life data lake examples from the biotech/healthcare industry.
Andres Aguilar
Web crawlers play a critical role in search engine performance, whether it is an Internet search engine or corporate wide search application. In this blog, our engineer discusses how we developed Aspider - a search engine independent web crawler - to address the limitations of current web crawl solutions and enhance the performance of our customers' search applications.
Mai Nguyen
The 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms was recently released. At Search Technologies, we've seen some recent developments in our customers’ analytics projects that also emerged in this year’s Gartner Business Intelligence and Analytics MQ. Read about the top three notable trends in this blog.
As the Google Search Appliance (GSA) end-of-life is approaching, Search Technologies' experts provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions from our 200+ GSA customers. These FAQs provide some high-level guidance so that you can plan a seamless transition from your GSA.
With the Google Search Appliance (GSA) end-of-life approaching, we conducted a survey among hundreds of GSA users to identify the overall migration trends and to provide GSA users a high-level guidance for their transition planning. Take a closer look at the survey results in this blog.
Kamran Khan
As the Google Search Appliance (GSA) is being phased out, a well thought-out migration plan will ensure the long-term success of your search strategy. Here's a look into two approaches that have worked well for our customers in GSA migrations and a variety of other search engine migrations.
Xavier Morera
Elasticsearch and Solr have become dominant players in the search market. Both are open source and built on Lucene, but each has its own strengths in different areas, depending on what users want to accomplish. In this blog, we'll take a deep dive into how these search engines would fit for your use cases.
Bill Fowler
The Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides robust, solid features for mission-critical search applications. But as the GSA being discontinued, what is your plan moving forward, how do you identify a replacement, and what migration criteria should you consider? Here's a guideline from our GSA expert.
Led by Search Technologies Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, our team leveraged the Azure Search API, Aspire Content Processing framework, Bootstrap, and other open source technologies to give Wikipedia search interface a refreshed look. Take a sneak peek into how we worked on this demo behind-the-scenes.