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Watch Liam Cavanagh, Azure Search Principal Program Manager, discuss how combining Accenture’s Aspire Content Processing with Azure Cognitive Services helps accelerate unstructured content acquisition, processing, and enrichment for an enhanced Azure Search experience.
Paul Nelson
By implementing enterprise data lakes, companies have started to see multiple benefits. But to gain valuable insights from their data lakes, effective solutions are needed to help users find the right answers and relevant datasets from the massive amounts of data. Watch our Innovation Lead discuss how Natural Language Processing and search can help companies unlock the full value of the data lake.
Kristy Martin
Whether you run an e-commerce platform, data- and content-rich website, intranet, or any application that handles data, good search is critical to information discovery, analysis, and your business' bottom line. In this video, our Search & Business Analyst explains the top three search features that help deliver the best search experience possible to your users.
Paul Nelson
At the 2017 Elastic{on} in San Francisco, we interviewed our Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, for some key highlights of his presentation, "Browse Raw Logs in One Place: Open Source Plug-in for Kibana," and for his thoughts on the future technology direction of the Elastic Stack. Watch the video interview to learn more.
Paul Nelson
With the big data revolution, companies have been able to leverage a wide set of tools, including data processing, search, analytics, etc., to achieve more results with the data they have. Watch this video to learn about how big data analytics has revolutionized the agriculture industry, creating what we call "precision agriculture."
Kamran Khan
At the KMWorld 2016 Keynote, Search Technologies' CEO, Kamran Khan, discussed the latest developments in the search and big data market. He also cited customer stories in which search, big data, and analytics were leveraged to achieve higher goals in various business use cases.
Paul Nelson
As we are approaching 2017, we'll look at how search and big data analytics have evolved and examine some prominent trends in the coming years. In this video, Chief Architect, Paul Nelson, will highlight the top three developments: real-time personalization, machine learning, and the convergence of search and big data.
Paul Nelson
Finding the right candidates quickly is an enormous competitive advantage in the recruiting and staffing sector. How does our multinational recruiting and staffing customer use big data to search, match, and score the best candidates, reducing fill time by 50% and boosting fill rate by 6%? Watch the video, a part of our "In the Trenches with Big Data & Search" series, to find out.
John Back
With fast-growing data volumes, sources, and types, detecting insider threats and non-compliant activities have become increasingly difficult for organizations. Watch this video to see how search and analytics can be used to effectively classify, monitor, and detect insider threats, ensuring security and regulatory compliance.
Matt Willsmore
Growing laws and compliance regulations can create a challenge to balance between high costs and a solid financial compliance strategy. In this video-blog, our architect discusses how our customer, a large financial institution, used search as a cost-effective approach to data archiving, analytics, and compliance reporting.