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Search Technologies has joined Accenture! Below is our collection of blog posts by our Innovation Lead Paul Nelson, subject matter experts, and guests.

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Sundip Pradhan
The Google Search Appliance (GSA) has reached its end-of-life. If you haven't started your transition planning, now is the time to do so. In this blog, our GSA expert discusses the top 5 considerations when replacing your GSA with an open source alternative, such as Elasticsearch or Solr. The discussion also touches on cloud-based GSA replacement options that can support scalability and cost-savings.
We would like to announce that Aspire Community has been deprecated and is no longer available to the public. Read this post for more details on Aspire licensing changes and new features that are available with the new licensing models.
In March 2018, we are pleased to announce the Aspire 3.2 Big Data Release, which delivers some innovative advancements that are worth noting. Key highlights include the successful integration with the Hadoop ecosystem as a Cloudera parcel and the use of HBase and MongoDB. The new functionalities bring unlimited scalability, making Aspire more compatible with the big data ecosystem.
Asha Narasimha
New innovations have been rapidly accelerated by big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, and machine learning. Interestingly, a common theme emerged: search is the stepping stone and enabler of these technologies. Read this blog to see how search opens new doors for insight discovery across all enterprise functions.
Paul Nelson
Today's businesses hold large volumes of valuable data that provides immense insights to support business decisions, customer services, and operational efficiency. It can be daunting to manage this amount of data. And with the EU's GDPR being rolled out soon, businesses may face even more challenges to stay compliant. Here are 10 things you may be missing but probably should consider doing, and why.
Derek Rodriguez
A data lake can be tremendously beneficial to organizations looking to acquire enterprise-wide content from multiple sources and extract insights from it. In a recent project for a pharmaceutical client, we leveraged Aspire for Big Data to ingest over one petabyte of unstructured content into their data lake. Read the firsthand story from our architect.
Big data analytics, machine learning, and AI have evolved rapidly, allowing enterprises to better use data to produce transformative results. We've seen the expansion of these technologies in our clients’ projects that combine search with NLP, machine learning, and big data to build AI-assisted systems. This blog summarizes some key points on “the rise of AI” and how it can impact your business.
darren liu photo
As online users have become so accustomed to Google search, your shoppers will expect similar e-commerce site search quality. In this blog, our e-commerce expert will discuss some practical techniques on how to maintain and tune Oracle Endeca, a common e-commerce site search platform, for better engagement and conversion rates.
In September 2017, Oath, a Verizon company, announced that it would open source Vespa - a powerful but largely unknown big data processing and service engine. So what value does Vespa add to the big data analytics space? Here are some of our initial observations.
Matt Willsmore
Top quality search accuracy is not achieved with technology alone or through a one-time “quick fix.” It can only be achieved with a careful, continuous improvement process that we refer to as Search Engine Scoring. In this blog, we will share practical details and best practices learned from a real-world search engine scoring process for SharePoint Online.