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Enterprise search is an effective tool to boost the overall productivity of an organization

 At the time of writing (2014), overall productivity figures for businesses within the USA, UK, and Europe have been dissapointing for a number of years. Is this because of cash hoarding by companies in times of uncertainty, and a subsequent lack of investment?  

We are not economists, we don't know.

What we have observed is that many large organizations hold their productivity back by not taking search systems seriously.



  • Effective search improves productivity. Fact.
  • Most large organizations still have suprisingly primative enterprise search systems

How did we get here?

Buyers of technology have a strong preference for off-the-shelf, or plug-and-play soolutions. This is very understandable. If plug and play works, then predictability of performance and also cost will follow.

For almost two decades, enterprise search software vendors have been suggesting that enterprise search is a plug-and-play application, customers want to believe this, and have been happy to invest. The reality is that every organization has its own unique combination of content sources, and search applications that support important business processes. Enterprise search, done right, has never been plug-and-play.

The popularity of the term “knowledge worker” comes and goes, but the single most-important characteristic of such a job-description is the ability to find information, work with it, process it into knowledge or insight, and in so doing add value for the organization. In the age of the internet, finding and sifting information from the outside world is relatively simple and quick. However, when it comes to information that resides inside the organization, the situation is usually more challenging.



Today's leading search engines, both commercial and open source, are packed with fast, reliable, and proven technologies. If you consider the development effort that has gone into search over the past two decades, this is not suprising. Technology is not the problem.

In most cases what is missing is the human element.

Everyone believes that they have a good understanding of search - we all use it every day. However, enterprise search systems interface with multiple repositories, have to deal with content in a wide variety of formats, and potentially complex security requirements too. Doing this well involves niche expertise, typically not found in a general IT department. This is where Search Technologies can help.



Many large organizations have already invested in enterprise search software, and even where the results are so far dissapointing, it is unlikely that further investment is software is necessary. Most companies are within reach of having a great enterprise search system, they simply have not finished the job they started. That involves nothing more than the application of expertise.


Our search assessment service is an affordable way to take the next step.