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Chatbots for Customer Services

Powered by natural language processing (NLP), chatbots enable conversations between people and computers in everyday life as well as in the corporate world. They bring deeper natural language understanding to not only enhance information retrieval but also provide a more efficient approach to improving customer services and support.

There’s a growing interest in leveraging chatbots to automate and reduce costs in some areas of services and support. But without the right resources and expertise, it can be daunting to implement and optimize a business chatbot.


Chatbots can help automate low-value, low human interaction functions, such as:

  • Fill e-commerce orders from a desktop browser, over the phone, or via mobile apps 
  • Handle customer requests: order status, order cancellations, return instructions, tracking numbers, order modifications, account balance, etc.
  • Provide automated support responses to customer inquiries 
  • Navigate through government administrative services


  • Improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait time for human agents, unless escalation is necessary
  • Reduce operational costs in the long-run
  • Provide proven metrics to measure and improve the effectiveness of customer services 


Combining our deep search, content processing, NLP, and big data analytics expertise, we can help you:

  • Determine the right approach and architecture for your chatbot implementation
  • Acquire and process the structured and unstructured data needed to enable your chatbot's responses
  • Implement appropriate security measures for your chatbot
  • Develop and tune algorithms to improve the chatbot’s responses
  • Build a chatbot interface (text and/or voice-enabled)
  • Integrate with your business systems 

Contact us to discuss how to leverage chatbots to support and improve your customer services.