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Cloud-Based Enterprise Search Services

Consulting, Implementation, Support

cloud-based search solutionsThe cloud has matured, and in many cases, moving enterprise systems to the cloud can bring strategic advantages for many organizations. Cloud-based enterprise search applications can deliver:

  • High availability
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Security
  • Ease of maintenance and management 
  • Cost savings (no cost associated with an on-premise hosting infrastructure)

While cloud providers offer solid infrastructures and toolsets, a high-performing enterprise search application requires specialized implementation, tuning, and maintenance expertise. This is where we can help.


A leading search and big data analytics consulting company, our experience in a wide range of cloud platforms can ensure a successful implementation of your cloud-based enterprise search application. Whether you're looking to deploy a standalone search engine (Solr, Elasticsearch, or a commercial engine) in the cloud or leverage a built-in search functionality provided by a cloud provider (Google Cloud Search, Azure Search, Office365 Search, Amazon CloudSearch), we bring a range of expert services to help achieve your goals and ROI. 

  • Consulting and assessment– review your goals and technologies to recommend the best cloud-based strategy for your enterprise search implementation.
  • Deployment – build and customize your enterprise search application to your requirements. Where cloud providers offer toolkits for advanced BI, analytics, and AI, we can help you evaluate and integrate those toolkits with your application for improved performance.
  • Security – leverage document-level security and appropriate enterprise permission approaches to help ensure security for your enterprise search in the cloud
  • Content processing and enrichment – to support efficient indexing of structured and unstructured content and good search
  • Search relevancy tuning – to enhance your users’ search experience. 
  • Connectors – for organizations requiring custom connectors, we help build and implement enterprise-grade, secure content connectors. Learn more about our range of connectors.
  • Support and integration with other enterprise systems – whether you hire us to implement and fully manage your enterprise search application or just need professional expertise in specific areas, we can tailor our services to your needs.


We have helped clients successfully implement or migrate their enterprise search application to leading cloud platforms, including our partners: 

  • Google Cloud Search – as a Google Partner, we can help you implement and optimize Google Cloud Search's performance
  • Azure Cognitive Search – with search, analytics, machine learning, and AI toolkits to help you implement intelligent search faster and easier.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – with CloudSearch offering search-as-a-service to support highly-scalable, advanced search functionalities.
  • SharePoint Online / Office 365 Search
  • And other cloud providers

We also bring in-depth expertise to support organizations requiring a hybrid environment – a combination of cloud-based and on-premise deployments.

Read our case story in which we helped a client migrate their Cloudera search and analytics application from AWS to Microsoft Azure.

Contact us to discuss your cloud-based enterprise search requirements.