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Cloud-Based Search Solutions


cloud-based search solutionsAs the cloud matures, moving enterprise systems to the cloud is a cost-effective, highly-scalable option for many organizations. For enterprise-wide content, cloud-based search solutions offer a multitude of benefits that help modern organizations stay agile:

  • High availability
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Security
  • Ease of maintenance and management 
  • Cost reduction (no cost for an on-premise infrastructure)

While cloud companies provide the infrastructure and toolsets that are useful to your search use cases, whether it is an intranet search, a public website search, or a search-based analytics application, good search requires expert implementation, tuning, and maintenance. That’s where we can help.


Our deep expertise and partnerships with leading cloud providers can help ensure a risk-free, smooth transition to the cloud. Whether you already have a platform in mind or are still evaluating cloud options, we can help select, implement, and support a cloud-based search solution that meets your IT and business needs. We also bring extensive experience in supporting organizations requiring a hybrid environment – a combination of cloud-based and on-premise deployments. 

Whether you're looking to deploy a standalone search engine (Solr, Elasticsearch, or a commercial engine) in the cloud or leverage a built-in search functionality provided by a cloud provider (Google Cloud Search, Azure Search, Office365 Search, Amazon CloudSearch), we can help. Some high-performing platforms on which our clients have successfully deployed cloud-based search solutions include:

  • Microsoft Azure – with search, analytics, machine learning, and AI toolkits to help you implement intelligent search faster and easier.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) – with CloudSearch offering search-as-a-service to support highly-scalable, advanced search functionalities.
  • SharePoint Online / Office365 Search
  • Google Cloud Search
  • And other cloud providers

Read our case story in which we helped a client migrate their Cloudera search application from AWS to Microsoft Azure.


Our collection of search engine independent assets that support content processing and connectivity provides you readily-available data enrichment tools, speeding your time to market and helping enable cost-savings. 

  • Content processing and enrichment – deliver enterprise-grade capabilities for content cleansing, metadata parsing, entity extraction, normalization, and categorization of unstructured and structured data.
  • Connectivity – our range of pre-built and custom connectors provide secure, efficient connectivity with enterprise repositories
  • Performance – provide the flexibility and configurations to continuously assess and improve search performance
  • Security – help ensure document-level security and appropriate permissions in complex enterprise environments

Contact us to discuss your cloud-based search solution requirements.