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Content Acquisition Strategy

As the volume, type, format and diversity of content sources continues to expand and evolve, large organizations need a strategy, rather than one-time solutions, to content acquisition.

Content acquisition from structured sources is a known and well-practiced science. SQL, ETL methods and xml, have made the transfer of information easy and reliable.

Unstructured content poses an entirely different set of challenges:

  • Typically unstructured content needs filtering, enhancing with metadata, and normalizing before it is useful to consuming applications
  • The techniques involved are very different from those practiced in the structured data world, as described by this blog


  • We evangelize, and dozens of Fortune 500 companies agree, that an Independent Data Acquisition Layer (IDAL) will create business advantage for those who adopt it
  • IDAL is a process and a methodology, supported by appropriate technologies. It works with any and all business applications and search engines
  • IDAL builds a foundation upon which search, business insight and other big data analysis applications can be built
  • Through focusing on the tasks of content acquisition, best practices can be adopted, and expertise built within your organization
  • Tough issues, such as ensuring document-level security compliance, but at the same time not unnecessarily restricting information access, can be addressed and balanced

We will work with your current technology-set to define and implement best practices. Alternatively, if your current technologies are lacking functionality or need upgrading, we will provide recommendations, including options to use proven open source alternatives.

Our white paper IDAL: The Independent Data Acquisition Layer, provides a detailed description of our approach to content acquisition