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What Is Content Processing and Why is it Needed?

Through dilligent content processing, search systems deliver better results


  • Many software applications and especially search engines, consume or ingest unstructured content in an automated way
  • The original format and structure of the content are usually not ideal for search applications because it was created for a different purpose. Very few people write content with searchability in mind
  • Content Processing cleans, reformats and enriches content to make it more suitable for applications such as Enterprise Search
  • For structured data, technologies such as ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) have been in use for many years, but these do not work well with unstructured content
  • The provision of unstructured content, to a normalized and consistently high quality, enables search applications to perform optimally



Almost all structured data is originally created in a tightly controlled or automated way. 

By contrast, unstructured content is created interactively by individual people and is infinitely variable in its format, style, quality and structure.

Because of this, content processing techniques that were originally developed to work with structured data simply cannot cope with the unpredictability and variability of unstructured content.

A new approach is needed for unstructured content. and Aspire content processing provides this.


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