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Advanced Content Processing for FAST

FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 (FS4SP) provides built-in capabilities for preparing data prior to indexing. However, in some circumstances, search applications require further content processing functionality.  

FAST Search provides capabilities for additional content processing methods to be integrated into the indexing pipeline. Most search applications don't need this, but in some circumstances advanced content processing is a key element of the search solution. Below are two examples: 

Example 1: Very Large Documents
Where very large documents are an important part of the data set, search relevancy can be improved by splitting documents into "sensibly searchable chunks" of content. For example, technical manuals published as PDF documents with hundreds of pages can be logically split into chapters or sub-sections using advanced content processing. 

The user interface (SharePoint Web Parts) can be configured to take the user to exactly the right place within the original document on click-through from search results.

Example 2: "Virtual Documents"
In some search applications, the user's ideal search environment does not match the data configuration. For example, a Project Manager in a professional services company is looking for a colleague to fill a role in a new project. She wants to find a person who has a specific combination of skills, industry knowledge, hourly billing rate and geographic location. The ideal candidate exists and is available. However, information about this candidate is spread across multiple systems within the company, so it is impossible for the PM to perform the ideal search. Instead she must spend hours manually cross-referencing information from different systems.

In this scenario, advanced content processing can be used to create virtual documents for the purpose of search, by aggregating snippets of data from a range of repositories, into a single record. This greatly improves the efficiency with which people can be matched with roles within the company, impacting utilization rates and the bottom line.

Search Technologies provides a unique combination of FAST expertise and deep knowledge of search applications in general. We have the people, processes and software tools to make search systems excel through advanced content processing.