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Content Processing Tools for Unstructured Data

Search Technologies is the largest independent provider of search engine implementation consulting and managed services.

Our Aspire Content Processing system is a sophisticated, stand-alone indexing pipeline in use with a range of search engines including Elasticsearch, Solr, the Google Search Appliance, and Microsoft FAST. It is also used to enhance and enrich unstructured content for other applications such as Web Content Management and Business intelligence systems.

Why is Content Processing Needed?

The processing of unstructured content prior to indexing requires a different approach. Techniques typically used with structured content can't cope with the variability and unpredictability

Aspire Content Processing: The High Performance Content Processing System

Aspire is a search engine independent content processing framework which enables both structured and unstructured information to be optimally prepared for indexing into search engines, or for use in other applications

White Paper: High Performance Content processing for Unstructured

Contents include the complexity challenge, Aspire technical overview, and Aspire use cases

Aspire Technical Overview

Aspire comprises a content processing framework, plus a growing number of plug-in modules

Enterprise Content Integration

Search Technologies provides a low risk, low-cost approach to implementing Enterprise Content Integration for unstructured information

Search Engine White Papers

This collection of search engine white papers is search product neutral, and written by our staff, based on the experience of more than 250 search engine implementation engagements

Document Preparation for Search Applications

The preparation of documents prior to indexing is one of the most important factors affecting the success of search applications. It is also one of the most neglected

Data Model Design

Data Model Design (DMD) is a foundation for the building and maintenance of high quality search applications. Data Model Design also provides benefits in the wider field of unstructured data management

Aspire Use Case Examples

Aspire is used to support a wide range of search applications which face challenges of scale, performance or complexity