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Data Lake Design and Implementation

Insight discovery and data analytics have become key for businesses to stay competitive. The growth of data and disparate content sources has expanded the need for large repositories for efficient storage and knowledge sharing. This has fueled the emergence of data lakes. A repository designed to hold vast amounts of raw data in native formats until it is used for business needs, an enterprise data lake adds tremendous value to insight discovery by:

  • Acquiring and storing of all content from disparate sources, making it available for search, and providing a 360-degree view of your organization-wide data. 
  • Eliminating complex SQL query execution as users can access the data via an intuitive search and/or visualization UI.
  • Ensuring security as granular document-level security and access permissions can be granted, so users will only be able to access the data intended for them.
  • Efficient scaling and customization to meet complex IT and business requirements.

We bring expert data lake design and implementation services to help your organization achieve goals faster and more cost-effectively. 


Search engines and big data technologies are usually leveraged to design a data lake architecture for optimized performance. With over 200 search and big data engineers, our experience covers a range of open source to commercial platforms which can be combined to build a data lake. Our approach starts with a thorough evaluation of your current system in order to help ensure a risk-free, efficient data lake implementation. Some examples of technologies we’ve used and a reference architecture are below:

  • Search engines - Solr, Elasticsearch, Cloudera Search, Microsoft Azure Search, and others
  • Hadoop
  • Cloudera
  • Morphlines
  • Cassandra
  • The Elastic Stack (ELK Stack) 
  • Our advanced Aspire content processing framework and connectors

data lake architecture


We provide a range of high-value professional services to help ensure a high ROI for your data lake:

  • System assessment and implementation blueprints
  • Data lake / big data testing 
  • A dedicated project team to meet technical, time, and budget requirements
  • Integration with analytics and visualization technologies
  • Managed services and support
  • Continuous improvements to deliver the best experience to your users

Contact us to learn more about our assessment and proof-of-concept for a successful data lake implementation.