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Insider Threat Detection Solution

Mitigating Risks Quickly and Proactively

Costly data breaches may originate from external culprits or internal employees. But in many cases, an insider who has authorized access to valuable data can intentionally or inadvertently cause greater damages. And as data and accessibility grow, organizations - government and commercial, large and small - need to guard their data against these incidents.

threat-detection-solution.jpgWith an effective insider threat detection solution in place, you can avoid lengthy legal battles as well as monetary and reputational losses resulted from:

  • Insider trading
  • Non-compliance in financial services sector
  • Leaks of trade secrets
  • Customer / patient data breaches
  • Leaks of highly sensitive government intelligence


When your organization has large volumes of structured (spreadsheets, transaction records) and unstructured data (text documents, social media, emails, voice recordings, notes), it becomes very difficult to conduct accurate data classification, monitoring, and analysis. This is where integrating search and analytics can help solve this challenge. 

Searching across organization-wide data enables rapid risk mitigation by detecting threat patterns for timely investigation.


  • Search engine scalability can handle up to petabytes or billions of records
  • A 360o view across organizational data from multiple sources
  • Threat investigation using data available via the search engine
  • Integration with third-party archiving solutions and analytics dashboards
  • Sentiment analytics to detect patterns and identify red flags
  • Greater flexibility and customization for in-depth analysis and reporting


Our custom-built insider threat detection solution lets you use patterns unique to your organization to identify and investigate threats proactively. In addition, if you already have a SIEM software in place, this application can be complementary to your existing solution.

threat detection technology stackWe work with you to gather your requirements and design a threat detection platform based on the most appropriate technologies. 

Some common technologies we've implemented for our customers include:

  • Cloudera
  • The Elastic Stack
  • Solr
  • Hortonworks
  • Tools within the Apache ecosystem, such as Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, and Kafka
  • And other open source or commercial search and big data tools 


Contact us to discuss your requirements or learn more about our insider threat detection solution.