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Document Clustering Solutions

Sometimes, oragnizations hoping to solve real-world business problems become too focused on technology. 

This happens frequently where document clustering is involved. A number of technology alternatives are available, and the choice depends on the application.


The application needs and the document corpus involved are just two of the factors to take into account. 

Other factors include:

  • Whether a vocabulary is available and is it practical to maintain a vocabulary for the subject matter over time
  • The breadth or narrowness of the subject matter
  • The required accuracy. Although all document clustering applications will benefit from better accuracy, for some it is more important than others, and in all cases, a compromise between accuracy and cost-of-ownership will need to be made


Before you decide on a technological approach, our experts can help you to: 

  • Understand the options, including their respective strengths and limitations
  • Formulate an overall plan which leverages technology, rather than being a slave to it

Our consulting services are always technology independent, and customer focused. 

Ask the experts. Contact us to arrange an initial, no-commitments discussion of your document clustering requirements. 

Categorization White Paper

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Solr Categorization Solutions

Search Technologies provides tools that enable fast, accurate document categorization to be implemented with Solr. Our technologies support both of the primary approaches to categorization, vocabulary-based and example-based