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A Document Preparation Methodology for Search

Search Technologies has developed a structured approach to preparing unstructured information for use in search-based applications.



  • Almost all modern search engine features, from relevancy ranking controls to search navigators, rely on good quality data structure
  • The preparation of documents prior to indexing is necessary to help create that structure which, in most cases, cannot be derived with sufficient accuracy by technology alone

During the last five years, Search Technologies has developed expertise, methodologies and tools to help companies cost effectively create and maintain data structure as a foundation for great search applications.  These capabilities are search engine independent, and can be used with all of the leading search products.

    For organizations whose revenues depend on their content, document preparation for search purposes is a business-critical activity.  For enterprise and intranet applications where a diverse range of data is involved, document preparation enables disparate data sets to "play well together" through a single search box. In both cases, a lack of attention to data structure usually leads to poor search relevancy and user disillusion. 

    Search Technologies' document preparation services are built on three foundations:

    • A highly skilled team of engineers, analysts and project managers
    • A proven methodology developed through years of experience, called DPMS
    • A content processing framework (based on open source components) which enables efficient implementation and low-cost ongoing maintenance


    In our experience, most sophisticated search applications can be greatly improved through diligent document processing, regardless of the search product being used.