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Making the Most of Dynamic Navigation

Tools, services, and best practices for creating metadata to drive dynamic navigation

Search navigation techniques are widely accepted as best practice for a range of search applications, from corporate intranets and enterprise search systems to e-commerce and content-rich Web sites. Vendors refer to them variously as search navigators, search facets or dynamic navigation. 



  • Dynamic navigation is driven by metadata
  • Their success is largely determined by the quality and completeness of metadata
  • Metadata can be captured from the original source or created using a range of techniques such as entity extraction and categorization

Search Technologies provides a range of software tools, consulting and implementation services to help you generate and maintain metadata. We work with all of the leading search engines, including the Google Search Appliance, Microsoft SharePoint and FAST, ElasticsearchSolr / Lucene, and other commercial and open source search engines.

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