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Custom Elastic Stack Application Support

The open source Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats) have brought considerable scalability, affordability, and flexible functionalities to many enterprise search and big data analytics applications. 

Custom Elastic Stack applications built for complex user demands often need specific skill sets for deploying and maintenance. With a strong partnership and extensive experience working with the Elastic product ecosystem, we provide top-notch Elastic Stack application support at an affordable rate, enabling your IT team to focus on business goals while your system is optimized for peak performance. 



  • Managed services – dedicated Elastic Stack experts and solution architects combined with enterprise-grade Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for effective problem management, maintenance, and optimization.
  • 24x7 global support – standard processes for coordination among sites and regions in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 
  • High availability and agility – keeping your application running smoothly by handling critical issue resolution, patches, and updates.
  • Integration and maintenance of your entire search and analytics system – based on your needs, we can help you integrate the Elastic Stack, X-Pack plug-ins (Security, Alerting, Monitoring, Graph, and Reporting), and data connectors for third-party applications.
  • Training - we can tailor training packages to fit your user skills and requirements so that they can work with your application productively.

Learn more about our full range of services for custom Elastic Stack applications.



We can provide you with flexible, enterprise-class hosting options that fulfill your requirements:

  • Application hosting within your corporate security infrastructure
  • In the cloud, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Elastic Cloud
  • Hybrid hosting to bring the most effective mix of on-premise and cloud-based components.


Contact us to discuss your support requirements and get SLA details.