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Elasticsearch Consulting Services

Expert Consulting and Implementation Services for Elasticsearch Applications

elasticsearch consultingSearch Technologies is the leading consulting company dedicated to enterprise search and big data solutions. Whether you are using Elasticsearch for a web-facing application, or to power your enterprise search system, we provide a range of services to help you get the most from Elasticsearch.


As an Elastic partner with offices in the US, UK, Germany, South America, and Asia, we deliver top-notch Elasticsearch consulting and implementation services to our global customers.

  • Search experts for hire at competitive rates
  • Architectural design consulting for Elasticsearch and all of the Elastic Stack components (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, and Beats)
  • Search application assessment to help you prepare for Elasticsearch implementation or to improve your existing application
  • Fully project managed search solutions built on Elasticsearch, to the customer's exact specifications
  • Relevancy tuning for existing Elasticsearch implementations
  • Security-aware data connectors for popular repositories, including Jive, Lotus Notes, Documentum, and SharePoint, and other business databases and applications
  • Categorizationentity extractiondata cleansing, and normalization for Elasticsearch 
  • Integration and support for Elastic's commercial plug-ins, including Shield (Security), Watcher (Alerting), Marvel (Monitoring), and Graph


Employing more than 200 search and analytics consultants around the globe, we have helped 800+ customers to implement enterprise search systems and public-facing search portals. Our customers value the consultative viewpoint that we bring to the business-focused search and analytics applications built on Elasticsearch. Some examples of search and analytics applications we've leveraged Elasticsearch to build include:

  • Intranet / enterprise search portals
  • E-commerce site search
  • Fraud and risk detection
  • Log analytics
  • Government search portals
  • Publishing and media site search
  • Precision agriculture
  • Precision medicine

For further information, or to arrange an informal discussion of your Elasticsearch consulting requirements, contact us.

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