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Document-Level Security with Elasticsearch



An AIIM (American Institute for Information Management) survey on Search and Discovery, conducted in 2014, found that security is a key concern for more than 70% of respondents.

We agree. Search systems should never compromise document-level security. The good news is that this is a known science, and with expert assistance, any organization can implement a fully secure enterprise search system using Elasticsearch

  • In almost all cases, enterprise search security is best implemented using an "early binding" approach (see our blog explaining the difference between early-binding and late-binding).
  • The key to the early binding security approach is data connectors that reliably capture ACLs.



As an Elastic partner and reseller, we specialize in building and deploying secure data connectors, which are an important element of search and big data analytics systems. 

  • For some document repositories, data connectors can be implemented quickly and efficiently.
  • Care should always be taken to ensure that all useful metadata is captured from the source document and its repository, along with access control lists, and core content. This typically requires customization work.
  • The most important documents in an organization are generally secured in repositories such as DocumentumIBM ConnectionsLotus Notes or SharePoint, which are often customized implementations, with relatively complex security schemes (roles, nested groups, etc.). In these cases, secure data connectivity is best achieved through a mixture of proven tools and expert services. See the full list of our premium data connectors here.

Our connectors are fully compatible with a wide range of custom Elasticsearch applications. Some examples include:

  • Corporate wide search
  • E-commerce site search
  • Publishing content search
  • Media recommendation engines
  • Log analytics
  • Fraud detection
  • Recruiting search and match

Search Technologies provides secure connectivity solutions for Elasticsearch, using a combination of proven software tools, and expert services.  


Contact us for further information on how to maintain enterprise-class security for your Elasticsearch application. 

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